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Applications and Proposals not meeting guidelines will not be considered for funding. Please submit a completed application package (signed application, proposal, and required attachments) in hard copy to the ORGC and email a copy of the proposal and required attachments to the ORGC by March 1. The electronic copy of the proposal/application should be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment and other supporting documents may be submitted in PDF format to Dr. Joan K. West at by the March 1st deadline.


Research Program Guidelines

The following Guidelines must be followed for a proposal to be considered:

Type: 10 or 12 pitch (be consistent throughout the proposal), Courier or Times New Roman.
Spacing: Single spacing in body of sections; double- space to divide sections.
Justification: Left justified, 5 spaces indented for paragraphs.
Page limit: 3 pages maximum, front only (excluding vitae of key personnel; including timelines and graphs.)

Proposal Content - use section headings when writing proposal

It is important that the applicant describe the specific planning process in a concise and accurate manner. Assemble the narrative as follows.

Abstract(Limit to 250 words maximum and must be a centered and underlined section heading)

Rationale for Project (Including Introduction, Problem Statement, and Significance of Research)

Objectives (Measurable)


Scope of work (include timeline)


Budget and Budget Narrative- list all planned expenditures and sources of additional funds (e.g., departmental, external grant, etc.)

Key Personnel (1 pg vitae)

Deadline for submission: March 1.

Grant Award Period: July 1 - June 15.

Refer to fiscal policy 070 for University Travel.

Refer to fiscal policy 050 for Purchasing Equipment, Supplies from Outside Vendors.

Applicants may request in writing the reviewers' comments to their proposals within 30 days following selections.


NOTE TO FACULTY WHOSE AWARD MAY INCLUDE SOFTWARE PURCHASE: To ensure that campus IT is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible, the IT Executive Oversight Committee needs to be aware of the technology needs of the campus, including software. To facilitate this process, we are asking the any unit proposing a software system purchase provide technical needs to the committee prior to making the purchase. To make this an easy process, a form has been developed whereby departmental software needs may be identified and submitted to the committee, specifying the purpose of the software, which programs have been examined and what program you would like to purchase. We believe this will improve campus communications and help us better utilize our IT resources. The form can be accessed at 1/15/2015

What do you do with a broken toaster? Or with a chair with a wonky leg? Or with a sweater full of moth holes? Toss it? No way! UTM is hosting Repair Café in the Davis Building Spigel Hall on Monday, March 12, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. 🛠️⚙️

Get free help fixing your broken items, and more importantly, learn from expert volunteer “fixers” about how to repair them yourself. At Repair Café, you can get help fixing computers, electronics, small appliances, clothes, and fur...niture.

WHO: UTM staff, faculty, and students
WHAT: Repair Café – a global movement that aims to reduce the waste that’s sent to landfill and to change society’s throw-away mindset.
WHERE: William G. Davis Building, Spigel Hall (down the hall from the bookstore)
WHEN: Monday, March 12, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m.
COST: Free!

Reminders to Repair Café visitors:

• All visitors to Repair Café must sign a liability waiver.
• The fixer will work with you to repair your item. You will need to be present throughout the repair process.
• Bring all the accessories of your item if they are available (e.g. cable, manual), which would help with the diagnosis of the problem.
• Bring a part to test if you can (e.g. a working bulb for your lamp, a CD for your CD player, a monitor for your CPU unit).
• Anyone is welcome to visit the Repair Café with or without a broken item. Our fixers can answer your questions and provide advice on how to repair & maintain your item. If you cannot bring your item to Repair Café, it may be helpful to bring a photograph.

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