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I watched the show from start to finish (9 shows), and after having watched the "season finale" tonight, I'd have to say that I enjoyed it very much.

It was a shame that when the show was knocked off the air in March 2003 due to the Iraqi war, that ABC said and did nothing to keep us (the viewers) informed about the rest of the episodes, leaving us completely in the dark. I am glad ABC had the good sense to bring the show back.

Unlike the other reality shows (Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, Joe Millionaire, The Bachelor, etc.), none of my friends were hooked or even aware of "The Family" and I find ABC at fault for that. I think ABC could become the new leader of reality television, but with such a lame promotional campaign for their shows, they'll never beat CBS.

"The Family" was different, and very entertaining. Since they kept referring to it as the "Season Finale," it has me wondering if the show is coming back in the future. In light of the much disappointing "Big Brother 4" cast currently on CBS, it's important to give us a new "family" that we like and care about it.

I think Aunt Donna was interesting; Mike was the good guy; Jill provided us with some drama when Robert turned on her; and Dawn Marie surprised us all when she enjoyed her winning streak and conquered many of her fears. I might add that it was GREAT when Susan Lucci was brought in as a surprise guest, and her mouth dropped open when Dawn Marie mentioned they "weren't getting any sex."

Thanks, ABC.

Off the top of your head, can you name a fruit or vegetable beginning with each letter of the alphabet?

The Early Learning Kindergarten class at Nobel School now has a complete edible alphabet! The class has been focusing on healthy eating over the past few months. Students, with the help of their families, were challenged to find fruit and vegetables to represent each letter of the alphabet. Each student was assigned a letter, and brought in a fruit or veggie to match.

The ELK class invited a local photographer (thank you Sue Ostertag!) to visit and work with students to take photos of each fruit or vegetable. The best photo of each fruit or veggie was compiled into a poster, the ABC Healthy Eating. Each student received a copy of the poster to take home, and the poster has been shared with several community partners.

All the fruits and veggies brought in by students was used to make soup and fruit salad for the class to share and enjoy. Students prepared the meal as a class with a team of parents who volunteered to help cook. The healthy lunch was served to the group restaurant style, with place settings arranged on tables. The students and parents alike noted the impression left by the learning experience.

Several extra ABC Posters remain, if your family or community group is interested in obtaining one for display please contact Debbie Newton at Nobel School.

Challenge yourself, friends and family to a naming contest, without looking at the photos below!


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