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The Royal Historical Society (abbr. RHistS; founded 1868) is a learned society of the United Kingdom which advances scholarly studies of history.

The society was founded and received its Royal Charter in 1868. Until 1872 it was known as the Historical Society.[1] In 1897, it merged with (or absorbed) the Camden Society, founded in 1838.[2] It is now based at University College London.


In its origins, and for many years afterwards, the society was effectively a gentlemen's club. It now exists to promote historical research worldwide, representing historians engaged in professional research and presenting history in the public domain.

The society provides a varied programme of lectures and one-day and two-day conferences covering various kinds of historical issues. It convenes in London and from time to time elsewhere throughout the United Kingdom.

The society's membership comprises honorary vice-presidents (management), fellows (entitled to use FRHistS or formerly F.R.Hist.Soc. as post-noms), corresponding fellows, members and associates.[3] Its archives at Senate House include many records of international as well as British history. The society encourages, promotes and sponsors (by way of grants) historical research, academic or otherwise. Publications include its monographic seriesStudies in History, its annual Transactions (first published as Transactions of the Historical Society, 1872,[4] and the Camden Series of editions and translations of texts; as well as digital publications, such as the Bibliography of British and Irish History.

The society, in consultation with the Historical Association and with the History at Universities Defence Group,[5] liaises with HM Government and the British Library as well as the National Archives.


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